Amber Chaves, OTR/L

If there's anything I feel strongly about it's that our children need more space and time to grow and play. They need slower routines and calmer settings and more time to immerse themselves in their creative worlds. (And so do we!) 

As a pediatric occupational therapist I take a holistic approach to therapeutic intervention. For children who are facing an obstacle in development or are unable to access what they need, I take into account the gestational period, their birth, the crucial first years of development, and the current functional level of the child in order to design an intervention plan that is both child-centered and addresses the underlying factors that impact their ability to play, learn, and grow. 

Join in my classes for community, workshops for parents and caregivers, or utilize my service offerings to help your family grow through more wonder and play. 

Work With Me

Service Offerings

Ask Me Anything: Movement and Play  --> $39 - 20 minute phone conversation

Are you curious or concerned about your child’s development as it relates to movement and play? In this 20 minute phone session, you can speak with a pediatric occupational therapist to better understand your child’s current developmental stage and how to best support his or her interests and needs through natural play. Amber will answer any questions you may have and guide you in the next steps to take with your child.

Play is the Work of the Child: Initial Assessment  --> $199 - Live session

This one hour session consists of a live (in person or virtual) session to get to know you and your child and learn about development in your natural environments and any concerns you may have. Amber will assess your child's strengths and provide you with a recommended plan of natural materials, tools, and strategies that will encourage play and development towards a confident and self-assured child.

Tearful Tummy Time --> $59 - 30 min one time session

Tummy time is one of the most important foundations that your little one build’s their development on for future participation in structured and unstructured environments. But tummy time doesn’t always come naturally to parent and child and there can be underlying factors that make this crucial developmental piece intimidating or tearful for your little one and you. Amber can provide you with easy to implement positioning and play concepts that dry those tears away as you and your little one are on your way to a world of happy play.

Developmental Movement and Natural Play: 1st Year Quarterly Tracking --> $599 - 4 live sessions + monthly consults

A child's first year is full of play and new experiences. As you journey alongside your little one, you may be wondering what does natural play and development look like? This package provides you with empowering knowledge as you play alongside your child in the most important year of their development. Included in this package is 4 live sessions with Amber at the 6 week, 4 month, 8 month and 12 month mark of your child’s life in their natural environment. This package also includes a monthly e-mail/phone consult with Amber throughout the year to troubleshoot and answer questions in the areas of motor development, cognition, and natural play.

Natural Play Occupational Therapy Services --> $75 - 30 minute session (prompt pay and multiple session purchase discounts available)

Following either an Initial Assessment or formal Occupational Therapy Evaluation, these services are available to those who want a tailored program for their child with collective goals for the family. Session times and frequency are based upon multiple factors including the nature of the child's needs, child’s readiness for therapy intervention, and family/therapist schedule. Amber is currently private pay only but will provide a superbill with guidance on how to approach insurance to cover these services (coverage is not guaranteed).

Babywearing Consultation --> $49 - 45 minute one time virtual session

Have a carrier that you're unsure how to use or your baby just doesn't seem to be content in? Book a one-on-one private consultation with a certified babywearing educator. One-on-one consultations are also strongly encouraged if you are having multiples, if your baby was born early, or if you baby experienced complications at birth. Babywearing consultations are also recommended if your baby has special needs or if you as the caregiver and babywearer have special needs that only a certified babywearing educator can guide you with. 

Cloth Diapering Consultation --> $49 - 45 minute one time virtual session

Starting cloth diapering and already have a stash going? Need help with knowing where to fill in and what other necessities you might need to ensure things run smoothly? Need help with setting up a wash routine? Are you already cloth diapering and you've hit some roadblocks? Schedule a cloth diapering consultation and get individualized help.