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Beeswax Honeycomb Candle Kit

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These sweet-smelling all-natural beeswax candles are easy to make and require no melted wax or special molds. This kit contains everything you will need to make seven 4" candles. You'll love their bright, steady flame, especially when gracing the top of a special birthday cake!

Burn time approximately 1.5 hours.
Made in United States of America

Why Organically OT Loves It

  • Multi age use
  • Promotes fine motor skills
  • Promotes eye-hand coordination 
  • Made in the United States

About the Brand

Eco-kids was established in 2008 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Eco-kids aims to simplify children’s toys, remove gender/race biases from children’s products, create time and space for a child’s inner journey, emphasize the joy of discovery, imagination, creation, learning, engage parents and caregivers in their children’s playtime, reduce screen time, reduce/eliminate unsustainable ingredients, packaging, and practices, and reduce plastic use.